Cold Turkey Computerlessness

Okay… This shit is getting STALE, ok? Believe it, or not.. I’m not a computer junky (anymore, at least) and can usually go up to 36 hours without touching my PC. But… When access is suddenly wrested from me, that’s when I start getting desperate. It’s the whole principle of the thing, dammit! Oh well!


RIP Lenovo, but I hope you’re CPR-able!

This may sound weird, but my laptop may have succumbed to the computer version of SIDS! Yesterday morning I went to wake it up, but it wouldn’t wake up. Totally weird, since it gave me no trouble on Wednesday night, and went to sleep like a good lil trooper. Hoping that a technician can figure out the problem and salvage the vicious bastard ! Had it been a desktop (or had MY money purchased it) I’da been all up in its guts, tugging and pulling… But… Oh well!

Hello world!

Can you believe it?!?!? MY ultimate aim was to have only ONE blog, and here I am having THREE.. However, I’ve salved my conscience by meeeeeeeeeeeerging the previous two into this one, so for all intents and purposes, I’ve only got ONE.. neat trick, eh?

I’m hoping to start back writing, soon. I’ve so many thoughts, and so many opinions, it’s a shame keeping them all to myself!

>Stuck on the Rock


So.. It’s not like nothing is happening, or that I’ve nothing to blog about. There’s loads happening – widening social network, job teaching foreigners in English, fun with my toddler. BUT.. I just can’t seem to motivate myself to WRITE anything, because I’m afraid of crumbling into a heap of homesick despair. It’s like I’m in suspended animation. I haven’t seen my homeland since February 2nd, 2009, and for people who live in exile, or who are refugees, or who just couldn’t give a rat’s arse about their origins, I’ll come off sounding all whiny. But.. I honestly just feel isolated on my Mediterranean rock. And between foul ups with bureacracy and whatnot, first our own January Christmas 2k9  trip didn’t come off, then my mother’s summer 2k10 trip was put off (because Malta’s not the easiest place for “3rd country” nationals to get to) then our own compensatory summer 2k10 trip didn’t come off because of ridiculous ticket prices, and sonny’s free-ticket-days are over. Now, I’m crossing all  my fingers and toes that Christmas 2k10 is a success.

One day I’ll get around to completed the 2 dozen incomplete posts I just have hanging around, here.

>A TMI (Too Much Information) Post.. Hit your ‘backspace’ key while you can!


I’m generally not a TMI person. Some things are better kept private, and being the uber-private person that I am, that usually translates to just about everything! However, since this involves the female body and the shit that we have to go through, I’ll make an exception, here. Especially since the anything regarding females always gets caught up in some kinda mystery, misinformation, and disinformation. The short story : I got my mojo back!

The long story: Once upon a time, I was pretty okay. Then I got pregnant, and to cut a long story short, I’ve had low, followed by no sex drive since somewhere in November or December, 2007. I guess having a pre-human sitting on, rolling on, and kicking one’s internal organs can have that kinda effect. Follow that with a vacuum assisted birth, a botched episiotomy (blasted stitches started unravelling, and docs wouldn’t touch it for fear of causing an infection), four months of acute pain, and a year and a half of discomfort when trying to have penetrative sex (as I could feel the scarring being chafed with each thrust), plus an energetic breast-feeder-who-totally-screwed-up-my-hormones (he’s still going strong at 26mths!) , and.. well.. you get the pic. I don’t think you’d wanna have sex, either.. would ya? However, I also happen to have a husband.. and so.. fill in the rest. We had several discussions about therapists, psychologists, supplements and whatnot. It is after all, not too good for a man’s ego, knowing he’s only getting mercy sex!

Anyways.. it’s baaa-aaaaaaaaaaaack! And BOY is it back! It’s like the raging-hormones-of-puberty that I never had, so we’re only talking anecdotal comparisons, here! Can’t say I’m not enjoying the rush.

Oh yeah.. and I totally love Austin Powers!!  Oh.. hope this post’ll help someone out who’s on the roller coaster

>The non-blogging blogger

>Would you believe I’ve been writing ONE blog post since APRIL?? And it’s not even anything exhilirating or extensive… Just my one-year-on review of Malta.. Sigh.. Maybe I should just start treating my blog like a Twitter or Facebook account with only status updates.

>Blogging for Blogging Sake

>Yeah.. I’m a terrible blogger.. not nearly into divulging and self-disclosure as I thought, I guess. Plus.. This year really started off shitty, what with multiples earthquakes, tsunamis, bombings all over the blasted place, and whatnot. Just doesn’t put me in the frame of mind to write anything.

I’m loving Malta, in case anyone’s interested. And I especially love the region that we live in: North. Yeah, it’s the jam packed with people (the island (probably country, too) with the highest population density in Europe), but in the North, you still have the illusion of beautiful countryside, until the summer heat comes and burns it to hell!

Maybe i should start focussing more on Malta (good, bad and ugly), and make a long story short! For example, this beautiful picture gallery!